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Sarah Tillott holds a Bachelor of Nursing; an Advanced Diploma of Naturopathy; a Post Graduate degree in Health Science, Herbal Medicine, studied solution orientated kinesiology, completed course work in a Masters (promoting positive workplace cultures) and is currently undertaking a PhD (Education) at UOW. Sarah has worked as a registered nurse and has run a successful practice specialising in children’s health. Sarah has used her many years of clinical, educational and research expertise to create a series of books that are innovative and contemporary. The series promotes positive mental health whilst being an early intervention and prevention resource for parents and teachers to help combat bullying and promote positive, long term sustainable health behaviours. Sarah is currently teaching health promotion and health prevention to undergraduate nursing students and has formed a task and finish group at the University of Wollongong which will focus on creating resilience and wellbeing in University students . She lives in Sydney.

AWARDS: Sarah has been awarded with an Outstanding contribution to teaching and learning award OCTAL (2013) from her efforts in teaching and assessment design from the University of Wollongong, with a consecutive nomination in 2014. Further to this, Sarah has been nominated by a selective panel to to apply for a National Citations teaching award, UOW. These awards are considered to be prestigious and reflect Sarah’s ongoing dedication and commitment to improving students knowledge.

In 2014 Sarah completed a project with Professor Eeva Leinonen (DVC-Academia), Ass professor Steven Roodenrys (HoS Psychology), Dr Jocelyn Harper (Councelling services manager) and Debra Hocking ( ATSI Trauma expert, GSM) that reviewed mindfulness in undergraduate students. In 2015, Sarah has established a Resilience task and finish group under the guide of the DVC-A which draws from expert knowledge across the University of Wollongong to promote resilience and wellbeing in University students.


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