Daily Telegraph:Trent Merrin reads “GAME ON”

Trent Merrin reading Game On! KINDERGARTEN   kids should  be  taught   to  defuse their own playground prob­lems instead of trying to stamp viagra feminin effet video out bullying later in life - when it has already taken hold.
That's the message from au­thor, Sarah Tillott's book Game On! that aims to teach children as  young  as five "resilience"through anger management and conflict resolution to make them better equipped to deal with bullies as they get older. "We are empowering peo­ple to see things differently and take control over their own health,
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Encouraging engagement at work to improve retention

Similar professional standards link nurses together but healthcare professionals practise across a variety of areas and have different experiences of the workplace. It cannot be assumed that a positive experience in one setting will be replicated in another, even if it is in the same organisation. This article explores the factors that affect workplace culture and outlines the rudiments underpinning nurse engagement from a work perspective. It also analyses staff engagement in the health
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